Maybe lick my lips a little, to make them look all shiny???

Hihi, yesyes, am I pretty?? Is my hair right?? Should I tilt my head a little??

Woah, cool! Let’s pose for some phoootoooooos!!!!

OMG, no! It’s a SONY!! Drooling..

Is that a gun in your pocket?

Whatcha doin’ here?

Who are you??

Calling their mates to come over to check out the human snapping shots of them..

Truly impressive..

Meet the buffalos!

Traffic. Low flying planes (pretty low for around here), two following suit eachother within less than a minute. Btw I am just noticing that the sky is almost as packed as our roads. Already had three plane crashes within 1km distance from where I live.. Hmmmmmm. Go away……

Is the time up?